World of Nations 2015 - Thur, April 30th to Sun, May 3rd

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Indian Cultural Society of Jacksonville would like to invite all local businesses and Indian merchandise vendors to World of Nations 2014. ICS is proud to represent India and operate India Pavilion at this event. We have limited number of slots available for clothing & jewelry booths at this huge event organized by the City of Jacksonville. WON typically attracts 50,000 to 70,000 people.

The event will be held at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville from April 30 to May 03, 2015 (4-days, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun) with extended hours on Saturday and Sunday. You can visit the event website at:

Please express your interest in buying a booth at WON India Pavilion by emailing We will need to know the detailed nature of the items you plan to sell as they have to be culturally tied to India and we would also like to minimize overlap between vendors. Also, if you have any special constraints as a vendor, please do email us and we might be able to accommodate your request. A hugh opportunity to market and sell your products over 4 days. We are inviting vendors with below businesses
Stylish, designer & traditional Indian clothing , Indian Handy Crafts/ Paintings,Dazzling Indian designer jewelry,Indian Style make up and skin care

Below are the timing for the events

Thursday & Friday, April 30th - May 1st (Student Field Trips only): 9am-2pm
Saturday, May 2nd: 10am-8pm (open for all)
Sunday, May 3rd : 11am-6pm (open for all)

We will also be conducting small sessions to teach your kids and your friends about India. Plan your next trip to India with our info sessions about tourist destinations and attractions. We will also have some our dance groups perform too at the event.

Food at the Indian pavilion will be served by Flavors Indian Restaurant

One of the reason WON is always a big success for ICS is due to our talented and hard working Henna volunteers. We will need lots and lots of Henna volunteers. You don't need to be an expert , since we have henna design books with simple designs too. We will be offering free parking passes, entrance tickets for those who could volunteer for at least 4 hours. Our WON Henna director will reach out to the community very soon. Please help the organization with your service by filling up and submitting following form

your full name - including first and last name

your email address - so we can contact you

your phone number - so we can contact you

Please choose one or more time slots. Based on that, we will order a meal for you at that time.

anything else you would like to tell us (such as explaining the information above)