India Day 2016

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January 30th 2016 3:00pm
Hello ICS community,  
The ICS team of 2016 welcomes all of you to celebrate 67th Republic Day of India, ICS India Day 2016  

ICS India Day 2016

“You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian” - an Indian. Most of our members are American citizens either naturalized or born and brought up here second generation. We are American by choice and Indian by birth. Loyal to the constitution and laws of the land we are citizens of yet retain the values, traditions and culture of the land of our origin. According to some the Indian immigration to our city Jacksonville started more than 50 years ago - 2 generations ago. We now have a sizable 2nd generation Indian American population in our community. Celebrating the India day is more important now than ever before as this celebration is not only to feed our souls with the memories of our past but also this is an opportunity to bring India, the principle that she represents "unity in diversity" into conversation with our kids, neighbors and the society we live in.Please join ICS to celebrate the India day 2016 with colors, dances, food, festivities and fun.
  • Total Number of Performances : 15
  • Nine performances for Regional Organizations and 6 Performances by Jax ICS members.

Registration is now closed for performance entry & painting competition.


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