World of Nations 2015 - Thur, April 30th to Sun, May 3rd

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It is a our great pleasure to announce that with ICS community volunteers( Henna and other volunteers) help, our vendors and hardwork of the ICS 2015 team members, World of Nations 2015 was a great success. Weather also co-operated this year. We want to thank following

  • Our vendors Mr. Nitesh Vaghela from Bollywood Sarongs , Mr. Yogesh Pandya from Prudential Financial and Mr. Srinivas From Flavors Indian restaurant .
  • Kudos to Falguni Patel , Mansi Parikh and Asha Sharma for co-ordinating our hard working and talented Henna volunteers for all four days.
  • We specially want to thank and recongnize all the Henna Volunteers who worked tirelessly & spent their valuable time inside ICS pavilion during these four days. Following is the list of folks and days they helped
    • Thursday 
      • Asha Sharma , Panthini Kapadia , Sarita Sharma, Manognya Banda, Urmila Upadhyay, Sandhya Hawaldar & Swaroopa Koka.
    • Friday
      • Panthini Kapadia , Smita Shah, Sarita Sharma, Swaroopa Koka & Sandhya Hawaldar
    • Saturday
      • Darshika Desai, Vaishali Padalkar,Panthini Kapadia, Shobhna Jain, Mansi Parikh, Meeta Shah, Rakhi Yadav, Shital Yachwad, Hitashree,Himal Khatri,Suprita Jain, Daxa Dabhi,Rekha Patel, Teja, Mamta, Falguni Patel & Anita Mandal
    • Sunday
      • Darshika Desai, Heena Patel,Mansi Parikh, Priya Doshi,Rakhi yadav, Shital Yachwad,Maria Bannister, Almaas Bannister, Shaili Wright,Seema Patel, Sangeetha Kendyala, Karuna Doshi, Falguni Patel, Anita Mandal & Nirali Patel


  • We also want to thank a group of enthusiastic young Henna volunteers Astha Mehta, Rutva Patel , Riya Shah, Arya Kapadia & Veda Kapadia this year, who helped us with small Henna designs.
  • Avni Shah , Smita Shah, Falguni Patel & Shaili Write on helping with "Take a Picture in Indian Traditional Cloths on your cell phone" campaign . Many customers came and tried that.
  • Aryan Patel , Arya kapadia, Veda Kapadia, Astha Mehta, Riya Shah, Shivam Patel,Priya Wright, Saachi Yadav and Swapnil Yadav helped us with stamping on passports.
  • Anu Shah from Bollywood Dance Mania and Kalai Sankar from Shiva Dance Academy for doing wonderful performances in front of Indian Pavilion on Saturday.
  • Kalpesh Mehta, Vrajesh Shah, Parag Shah, Nimit Patel, Avni Shah , Sandhya Hawaldar &  Mayukh Das on helping with set-up and wrap-up of Indian Pavilion