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ICS welcomes Florida Blue as Title Sponsor 2014

Special thanks to Karla Ebio, Nimit Patel, Manjula Chandran & Apeksha Patel for making this happen. Also, thanks to Florida Blue CIO Ms. Prudence Kuai for showing her support at ICS India Independence Day..

Florida Blue - Platinum Sponsor 2014


Indian Cultural Society of Jacksonville welcomes Florida Blue as the Platinum Sponsor for the year 2014. ICS is delighted to see them increase their commitment to the Platinum Sponsor this year, from Diamond last year. We thank them for partnering with us to build a stronger community as well as for their generous donation.

About Florida Blue:

Florida Blue, Florida’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield company, is a leader in Florida’s health industry. Since 1944, our members have counted on us to continuously develop better solutions that promote more affordable health care across the state. Our mission, to help people and communities achieve better health, is central to all that we do. Helping people in their pursuit of health reflects Florida Blue’s commitment to ensuring affordable plans, providing personal service and support and building strong communities that enable health and wellness for all. Florida Blue is a not-for-profit, policyholder-owned, tax-paying mutual company. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., it is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, an association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.


For more information, visit www.FloridaBlue.com



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Independence Day 2014

Saturday, August 16th 2014 from 4:30 pm

View pictures from the mayor's office.
View pictures from Mayor's office.

 India Independence Day invite video

Photography Sponsor

Vyom Photography

Official Catering Partner

India House logo
Submit your performance entries here (entries are now closed).
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RSVP form - India Independence Day 2014

Please fill out this form to RSVP, for India Independence Day 2014. RSVP will close couple of days before the event.

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ICS welcomes SpinSpire as Diamond Sponsor 2014

Special thanks to Mr. Jitesh Doshi of SpinSpire and Ms. Priya Ganesan for their generosity and longstanding support of ICS.

SpinSpire logo

Indian Cultural Society of Jacksonville welcomes SpinSpire as the Diamond Sponsor for the year 2014. It gives us immense pleasure to do this, and we thank Mr. Jitesh Doshi, Ms. Priya Ganesan and the entire SpinSpire team for their support of ICS with computer technology and audio-visual technology and a generous donation on top of it.

We hope to continue building on our partnership with SpinSpire in serving the Jacksonville community.

About SpinSpire

SpinSpire is a privately held technology company that prides itself in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to large and midsize corporations. SpinSpire has a team of talented software professionals who are experts in "High Performance Web & Mobile" technology. The company is an leader in the open source community through organizing technology conferences, user-group meetups and presentations. It has an impressive list of clients and has grown rapidly recently. All of their software professionals are based out of their Baymeadows office in Jacksonville, Florida.

tikkits.com logo

SpinSpire also operates the software-as-a-service (SaaS) - tikkits.com - that provides complete event ticketing solution with point-and-click assigned seating. They have been official ticketing sites for concerts by Bollywood stars such as Udit Narayan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Shankar Mahadevan and Mika Singh.

For more information, please visit https://spinspire.com/.

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ICS Scholarship Application

Use this form to submit your application for ICS student scholarship.

PLEASE NOTE: You must mail a copy of your transcript and SAT score to: 

Indian Cultural Society of Jackonville
c/o Mr. Narendra Sharma
10474 Creston Glen Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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India Independence Day Performance Entry Form

Please use this form to submit your's or your group's performance entry for India's Independence day celebrations.

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Udit Narayan Concert in Jacksonville

Sunday, May 11th, 2014 - 6pm

Click below to view pictures of the show by
Guide Studios Photography
Official Photography Sponsor

Picture of Udit Narayan Show by Guide Studios

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World of Nations 2014 - Thur, May 1st to Sun, May 4th


ICS is proud to represent India at World of Nations celebration hosted by City of Jacksonville. But we totally depend on our volunteers for doing Henna and other activities.

Thank You All Volunteers!

India Pavilion at World of Nations
would not be possible without you.


ICS would like to thank all Henna volunteers who worked tirelessly for long hours doing Henna for the India Pavilion visitors.

  • Pinky Patel
  • Hina Patel
  • Darshika Mehta
  • Priya Doshi
  • Anita Patel
  • Anita Mandal
  • Sanchi Patel
  • Nishi Varde
  • Ritu Varde
  • Falguni Patel
  • Asha Sharma
  • Anjana Sharma
  • Panthini Kapadia
  • Shweta Dhimole
  • Tanu Gupta
  • Himal Khatri
  • Maria Banister
  • Almaas Bannister
  • Poonam Shah
  • Sandhya Hawaldar
  • Maulin Patel
  • Prachi Kothari
  • Manognya Banda
  • Pooja Gupta
  • Neha Kothari
  • Nita Chandasekharan

ICS would also like to thank all others volunteers who helped with various tasks and helped us run the event smoothly.

  • Parthiv Parikh
  • Vedant Parikh
  • Aarthidevi 
  • Vineet Doshi
  • Karuna Doshi
  • Ajay Nair
  • Sarita Sharma
  • Meeta Shah
  • Sunita Hanchate
  • Nimit Patel
  • Juzer Bannister
  • Rutva Patel
  • Aastha Mehta
  • Adil Bannister
  • Hannah Shah
  • Kalyani Hawaldar
  • Yash Bhosle
  • Neeraja Chandrasekharan

A very special thanks to our vendors for their support,

  • Kunal & Kinnari Patel - Zesty India
  • Nitesh Vaghela - Bollywood Sarong Company
  • Suhasini Chilkuri - Sai Jewellery (Atlanta)

Big thanks to Anushree Shah and all her dancers who came dressed in beautiful costumes (in spite of heavy rain) for the stage performance. For the first time, India presented four performances on main stage.

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Holi - Spring festival of colors

April 5th 2014 - 11am - 3pm

This event has taken place ...

Click here to enjoy the pictures from Guide Studios.


Thank you!

We would like to thank all the Volunteers who helped us run the event flawlessly

  • Sarita Sharma
  • Priya Doshi
  • Pinky Patel
  • Nimit Patel
  • Falguni Patel
  • Pankil Shah
  • Poonam Shah
  • Dimple Patel
  • Hina Patel
  • Jailall Samaroo
  • Surojini Samaroo
  • Bhairavi Patel

A special thank you to
Prachee Agarwal for Face Painting,
Sanjibji for capturing the perfect moments,
Asha Sharma for making the deliciousThandaai,
Mr. Nair & KK for permitting us to host the event at the temple grounds,
Dr. Vedula for opening up the house to us.

Last but not the least, a big Thank you to,

  • ICS Youth Committee
  • ICS EC


Contest Winners

We would to like to congratulate the following winners for the contest prizes:

  • Best Dancer Couple: Jeet & Tanu Gupta
  • Best Dancer Adult Male: -
  • Best Dancer Adult Female: Kriti Vij
  • Best Dancer Adult Female: Minal Patel
  • Best Dancer Adult Female: Surakha Jhalani
  • Best Dancer Adult Female: Jyoti Nayyar
  • Best Dancer Youth Male: Niki Dhar
  • Best Dancer Youth Male: Nemo Dhar
  • Best Dancer Youth Female: Diksha Brahmbhatt
  • Best Dancer Youth Female: Shambhavi Khanna
  • Best Hoola Hoop: Shailee Kothari

Original event announcement follows ...

Dance Contest, Carnival Games, Food by Masala Restaurant, Photography by Guide Studios

Come join us for a fun filled, colorful day to celebrate Holi, India's Spring festival of colors. Admission is free to all so bring your friends along. See below for all the exciting attractions we have for you.

Admission is free and open to all.
ICS members get free coupons.
Guide Studios Photography
Photography Sponsor

Masala Indian Cuisine
Official Caterer of ICS Holi
and Sponsor of Holi Prizes

Come to play, come to dance, come to eat-and-drink, and most of all ... come to get painted!
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ICS welcomes Absolute Medical Clinic as Title Sponsor 2014

Special thanks to Dr. Vipul Patel of Absolute Medical Clinic for making this happen.

Absolute Medical Clinic - Title Sponsor 2014

Indian Cultural Society of Jacksonville welcomes Absolute Medical Clinic - once again - as the Title Sponsor for the year 2014. It gives us immense pleasure to do this for the third time, and we can't thank Dr. Vipul Patel and the entire Absolute team enough for such a privilege and a generous donation on top of it.

We hope to continue building on our partnership with Absolute Medical Clinic in serving the Jacksonville community.

About Absolute Medical Clinic

Absolute Medical Clinic's offices are multidisciplinary centers that include Medical Care, Physical Medicine Services, Orthopedic Services, Chiropractic Services, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Rehabilitation. This combination of multiple specialties under one roof is what makes Absolute Medical Clinic special. They can treat a variety of conditions such as Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Joint Pains, Work Related Injuries, and Auto Accident Injuries in their facilities. For more information, please visit  http://absolutemedicalclinic.com.

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